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Jul 18 2008, 02:00 PM
How many times do we have to see the same fucking scenes between Sami and Lucas?
No kidding!
I just cringe and pull my hair when those two are in the same room.
Has Sami had a scene with Lucas since November where she hasn't cried? I really can't say I remember one! Those two are toxic with each other!

Speaking of toxic, Max and Steph...oh brother! When a man lies to you, tells you to leave him alone and that he needs some quiet time and space to sort out his personal business, and he needs to fly across the world to do it....LET HIM GO, YOU DOORMAT! Stephanie constantly hanging on these men drive me insane!

EJ and John were interesting. I am surprised EJ would go back to being under the control of another power hungry man. Maybe that is his safe zone. I must say that I enjoy EJ being a little shady. He is so damn good at it.
Sami flying off the handle and her constant "I will never forgive you" jabs at EJ are just as old as Sami saying that Lucas is the love of her life.

I did find it totallly frustrating and obnoxious that there were TWO secrets on the show that the audience isn't privvy to. Ava/Nicole and Lucas/Roman. I must say I prefer that the audience know the secret and no one else, over the characters knowing and the audience feeling clueless. Stupid! Not to mention that they are going to drag it out for another couple months! Sigh!

Not a bad show today...there is always next week to shine!
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