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I will comment more on Thursday and Friday's episodes later but I don't get the issues with the Marlena/Rolf scene or the way Nicole/Ava was handled.

First off, Marlena was trying to convince Rolf to help her. She wasn't talking to him like a dear friend. She was trying to prove he can trust that she will adhere to her end of the bargain if he helped her. It wasn't just a chat over tea. Hell, Rolf even said he didn't trust Marlena. There was tension there. Neither wanted John to know they were meeting. There was nothing wrong with the scene. It would be different if they acted all chummy but they didn't.

As for Nicole and Ava, I feel Nicole's secret needs to be milked. Other then Kate/Daniel, Days does not have anything they can really build to as far as a startling reveal (well, Bo withholding evidence is another one but that just started). Nicole's story has had a clear direction all along and why let fans in on the secret at this point? It's not like it will do anything right now. We will just know it. By keeping us guessing, it keeps us interested until whatever it is can be used in the story. We know it involves Trent and Nicole is scared shit of him. I think that is enough to keep this going until the big reveal. Hell, we've only known about the secret for a little over a month. You can't move everything at a rapid pace or the story will be over in a few weeks. Everyone has been complaining about Higley's lack of suspense and now here she is trying to build up anticipation for Nicole's secret and that doesn't seem to be going over well either, which confuses me because this is what a story like this should be like. It's not like the way Higley revealed Theo was autistic offscreen. Now that was different and sucked. She is handling this Nicole thing the way it should be handled.

I do wholeheartedly agree about the Lucas/Sami scenes though. Enough is enough. It's actually making me want Chloe/Lucas.
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