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Captain Kirk

Jul 18 2008, 03:22 PM
Jul 18 2008, 03:11 PM
First off, Marlena was trying to convince Rolf to help her. She wasn't talking to him like a dear friend. She was trying to prove he can trust that she will adhere to her end of the bargain if he helped her. It wasn't just a chat over tea. Hell, Rolf even said he didn't trust Marlena. There was tension there. Neither wanted John to know they were meeting. There was nothing wrong with the scene. It would be different if they acted all chummy but they didn't.
You must not have been watching the same scenes I did, then, because that's exactly what she did. I half expected Marlena to start waxing poetic about the good ole days.
IA Mason, Marlena at the beginning threw her wrist out all limp like she was talking to a old girlfriend. I found the scenes to be ridiculous, one they were at the fucking Brady Pub, and two why would Marlena EVER trust Rolf.

I still LOVED the Ava/Nicole scenes, but why not let the viewers in on Nicole's past. I am tired of Trent grabbing her over and over and not knowing why. As far as I am concerned they have milked it enough. I do kinda like being in the dark to what Roman told Lucas though, sometimes I don't mind it.

I hope the show begins to build for the Olympics, but I highly doubt it. Maybe that will be when Stefano returns, who knows? I want something more than that anyway.
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