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Jul 18 2008, 05:57 PM
Please, tell me someone the guy Terry is just joking. I remember when he used to post here under a different name and he was just passionated, but now his messages are downright scary. He needs to be stoped.

The scary thing about Terry is I don't think he's joking at all. He has to have an unbelievable amount of time on his hands because he posts everyfreakingwhere. His posts/comments stand out from a mile away no matter how many screen names he uses. He is genuinely disturbing and I hope that security has taken notice. He posted on Tripp's blog the other day about how Shelley Hennig's myspace page had been deleted because she was getting stalker-y comments or something like that. You don't say. . . .

As for the promo, eh. I would normally be thrilled because Philip's in it, and at least it's a mystery and heaven knows it's a gigantic improvement over last week's Stax boreathon, but the presence of Morgan and the knowledge of what's coming tends to heavily dilute my enjoyment. I'm not quite the KR fan that Terry is.
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