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I've only watched the Marlena scenes of today's show so far, but regarding Marlena/Rolf, I guess my issue with it is that the audience is brought into the scene right when Marlena meets Rolf in the pub. I understand that Marlena feels that the disk is her only hope, and that Rolf is her only hope of having the disk repaired. (I can't believe I'm explaining Higley's plot, but bear with me here.) But, how about some scenes showing that Marlena is completely torn over the fact that she has to turn to someone who she finds so despicable? Marlena hates Rolf - when she first saw him at the mansion after the plane crash, she told John, "That man should be in prison." But today, the scenes were written as though it were the most natural thing in the world for Marlena to be asking Rolf for help. If there had been some scenes or even some dialogue explaining Marlena's inner conflict, that would have been an improvement. But of course Higley's not capable of such a thing.

I'd also like to make one comment on the direction of today's show. If there are two different sets of scenes taking place in the Brady Pub, I think the show shouldn't go right from one to the other. I wish they'd put other characters' scenes in between. When they do the Pub scenes in a row, as they did today with Ava/Nicole and then Marlena/Rolf, it seems to beg the question of what were the pairs talking about before the camera hit them. Were they just sitting frozen, waiting for the camera? We're presumably hearing their entire conversation, so it really doesn't make sense to have the camera 'catch' them already talking.
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