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Jul 18 2008, 12:42 PM
Jul 18 2008, 12:11 PM
Jul 18 2008, 11:20 AM
Ok here it is IMO the deal is that in order for Roman to get the court to cut a deal and get Lucas released from his sentence was to have Lucas go under cover at the prison to nark on some prisoners and get a ticket out of prison! Problem was the prisoners found out and didn't take too kindly on the nark (Lucas) and nearly killed him! The result is the same - Lucas gets paroled! IMO Chloe will bond with Lucas by taking care of him apparently at the Horton cabin... So Sami out and Chloe in. So the question is will Sami think that Lucas was brave and a hero or stupid and a fool????? My guess since he is bonding with Chloe .. Stupid and a Fool!
I thought the same thing cj - Lucas is undercover.
Spoilers also say Chloe says goodbye to Lucas. I'm hoping that's after he asks her to the cabin and she blows him off, but I'm a little confused by the timing. Just like I don't understand why EJ tells Nicole he wants nothing more to do with Sami ( :cheer: ) and then two days later or whatever he and Sami "bond" ( :frustration: ) This throwing random bones to all the fanbases directly after pissing them off does not work. I was sick of the EJami/Lumi pendulum when Sheffer was writing and amazingly it's actually gotten worse, because now I actually have real hope that EJ can move on and it keeps getting dashed.

But it's a good thing Sami and EJ share a child because we all know that sharing children means a couple will be happy forever and they don't need to have anything else in common or even appear to like each other. [/sarcasm]
But wait! Supposedly Sami and Lucas share two kids. Marlena and Roman share two kids and Marlena and John only one. How will the math work? LOL
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