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I've watched the Marlena/Rolf scenes three times and all I can say is I must be missing something because I see nothing but Marlena trying to get Rolf to help her. She was just reaching out to him and appealing to the fact that Rolf isn't enjoying his current situation either. There also wasn't a need for a scene of Marlena being torn over turning to Rolf. If your a regular fan, it's self explanatory why she turned to him because of the disk. This isn't JER. The audience doesn't need everything fed to them. I had no problem with the scenes because i understood what Marlena was trying to do. She doesn't trust Rolf and he doesn't trust her. That was made known IMO. She was just trying to make a deal with him by trying to get him to trust her. He is her only chance. I felt the tension, especially when John called and neither one wanted him to know what was going on. Her "old friends" comment I felt was directed at the fact that Rolf had tried to disguise himself and I also thought Marlena was being a little sarcastic and making a nod to all the bad things Rolf did to them in Stefano's name. To each their own I guess but I don't get the issue with the scenes. I liked Rolf's disguise too LOL.

Loved Nicole and Ava. I will miss their friendship. Lucas and Sami was a waste but I am intrigued by the Lucas/Roman stuff. Stax was just atrocious but the train scenes do look good and kudos to Shelley for learning some French. EJ/John was good too. Nice to see Judge Fitzpatrick and I liked all the business talk and EJ going to work for John. I like that EJ's kind of going back to his Dimera ways and the mention of him "not always being a nice guy" makes me wonder if we will see them go farther with this. Really enjoyed it.

A few comments about Thursday's episode...I really enjoyed the Victor/Kate scenes. Love those two together and I knew Kate was due for interfering in one of her kid's lives LOL. Love the Bo conflict too and him covering everything up. The Bo/Philip scene was well-done. It explained Bo's motivation perfectly. Loved it.

The rest as eh. The Marlena/Roman stuff was just a waste and the same shit I've heard for over a decade and I felt they wasted too much time on building up to Stephanie leaving Salem. She's only going on a damn trip LOL. I did also enjoy the little Caroline/Victor scene and I love that Caroline and Victor are both active in story right now.

The week kind of ended slow but it was still solid IMO. I'm excited for next week.
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