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Jul 18 2008, 10:57 AM
Has Days gotten so bad that we want to relive the past instead of looking to the future (if Days has a future past 2009)? Bart was ok, but got so cartoonish when he was Tony's (Andre) sidekick during Melaswen. As much as we all would probably like to go back in time to those days we remember as great, they can't be recreated with the writing team we have today. As to the future, it doesn't look to good right now either. The return of old favorites hasn't proved to be magic this time around.
But, but, but....TPTB keep seeing people WANTING to relive the past!!!! Seriously, on other boards, I see people whining about wanting the past back and missing the past and all that stuff. So, maybe they're starting with Bart and working their way backwards!!!
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