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Viewing Single Post From: TV GUIDE Special: "Soap's Sexiest Men"
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25. Brandon Barash (agree)
24. Darin Brooks (agree)
23. Texas Battle (nah)
22. Dylan Bruce (agree)
21. Sterling Sulieman (nah)
20. John Driscoll (agree)
19. Brandon Beemer (nah)
18. Shawn Christian (nah)
17. John-Paul Laviosier (okay)
16. Kyle Lowder (nah)
15. Daniel Cosgrove (okay)
14. Aidan Turner (nah)
13. Agim Kaba (agree)
12. Thad Luckinbill (nah)
11. Jason Thompson (agree)
10. Jay Kenneth Johnson (okay)
9. Austin Peck (nah)
8. Kristoff St John (okay)
7. Jack Wagner (nah)
6. David Fumero (agree)
5. Joshua Morrow (agree)
4. Cameron Mathison (nah)
3. Greg Vaughn (agree)
2. James Scott (agree)
1. Daniel Goddard (agree)

My order would be completely different so I agree with half the list.
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