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Steve Frame
Jul 21 2008, 12:35 AM
As I have said before when it boils down to it - it is the bad writing. Hogan Sheffer was a bad writer. Dena Higley is a bad writer. JER was a bad writer.

The only thing I will give JER credit for is that DOOL didn't seem like it wasn't Days. He was just boring and wrote the men too weak.

Under Sheffer I didn't even feel like I was watching Days at all. He gave the men their balls back but weakened the women something terrible. Plus he was boring.

Under Higley at first things seemed okay. Now the last time I tuned in the characters seem okay but the stories are so boring and everything seems pointless or without guidance or direction.


Yes Corday is interfering. I give it that, but as a long time viewer of soaps and long time reading interviews with writers they have been interfered with almost from the beginning. Irna Phillips was told by radio heads and network heads what she could and couldn't do. Gloria Monty is well known to have interfered with her writers. Allen Potter had that rep too.

P&G constantly told Harding Lemay stuff he couldn't do at AW or how he had to do stuff. In particular he had a big story planned for Michael Randolph when he aged him to make him gay. P&G said hell no. Did that stop Harding from switching gears and writing an equally good story. No it didn't. You would have never known watching it that it wasn't the story Harding had planned.

The writers today are one talent wonders. If they don't get their way and do what they want then they are just selfish enough to hold back and not write a good story because they didn't get to do what they wanted. What is sadder is that when they really deliver you know they can do it. They just refuse to do it.

I have no sympathy for them at all.
I agree with most of what you're saying in this post, but when have we ever seen Higley deliver? Or are you not talking about her in that paragraph?
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