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I agree that interference has always been a problem but it's never been this bad. The good news is some seem to be getting the message. Ron seems to be able to get mostly free reign at OLTL. Pratt looks like he will to start at AMC. Maybe this is because Frons is only concerned with GH right now and their ratings issues but it's nice to see because if what Pratt says comes to pass and his said "vision" falls in line with what is onscreen for the first few months of his tenure, then I will know he is getting enough room to do what he has to do. That doesn't mean he won't suck but I always say what a writer do his job and step in when you feel the show and it's characters are being done a disservice.

I'm very curious to see what MAB and Hogan will do at Y&R because it's my hope they are left alone to do their thing together on their own for a bit. Let them create their vision and, after a time, then step in if needed.

It's one thing to interfere but to gut pretty much everything a writer puts out there is completely different. Hogan's first 3 months had little interference. They weren't perfect but his vision was getting out there. After that, all of his stuff either got tossed out or dragged out much longer then expected which destroyed it and made it a mess. Add to that the fact that he was told he couldn't use certain characters (primarily the vets) and you have a mess of a situation. I'm not proclaiming Hogan a God. He wasn't perfect but this wasn't just interference. His stuff was gutted. That, to me, is the issue.

I feel the same about JER. His stuff was gutted horribly. The only reason why I don't defend him as passionately is because I hated his writing staff and I feel he was burned out and even the stuff that was true to his vision wasn't very good.

As for Higley, I think she is getting interfered with but not as much as others because she falls in line with Corday. She's a "Corday soldier" if you will. I think he pushed Stax on her and also the autism story (along with NBC) and I think both him and her were hesitant to commit to certain directions in stories in May and June but I do sense those issues being ironed out now so that is a plus.
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