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Steve Frame
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Ellie, Higley has had a few great stories both on OLTL and in the first few months back at Days. So I know she can deliver when she needs too.

The sad thing is that I just IN MY PERSONAL OPINION I don't feel that Hogan or Higley were or are interfered with as much as we would like to believe they were. Higley is now writing just like she did when she was on Days before and her full tenure at OLTL. The things about Hogan's tenure at Days are the same things he did at ATWT when he didn't have a strong co-headwriter working along with him. Hogan only works when there is someone strong there guiding him along.

I hope again that helps him at Y&R as it did when he first came on to ATWT. After he lost his strong support at ATWT he fell apart there too.

Dena is a lot like Megan McTavish she seems to start out strong and then fade. When Dena first went to OLTL she turned the show around and did a wonderful job and then it fell apart with a few bright spots here and there. She did that so far at Days. The first months I thought again she was going to do a great job and then it fell apart again.
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