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Thanks Steve. I understand what you're saying now. I agree, I think she does have some good ideas but doesn't know how to properly execute them. I think it's a pattern throughout Higley's tenure on a show: her ideas fall apart as her "storylines" progress. For example on Days, even some of her more recent storylines (like Kayla's premature baby) - that could be storyline gold. It started out strong, with a good promo and some 'buzz'. But then after a week or two, Steve, Kayla and their baby were hardly seen. Ditto Bo's illness, Hope's rejoining the police force, J&M's story, Chelsea's infertility... the list goes on and on. What people see at the beginning of Higley's tenure(s) are all of her good ideas coming out at once, all the "good beginnings" of her storylines on the show at the same time. So everything seems to be going well, and viewers do regain interest. But then everything goes downhill.

I completely agree with your second paragraph, and I've argued that viewpoint here as well. I attribute poor writing from these two to a lack of talent, not interference.

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