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July 20, 08:26 PM

Deidre Hall - Days of our Lives
Deidre is here to dish about Marlena -

"Marlena is still trying to help John, get rid of Eva and it's all coming to a close in the next month...also, Stefano wakes up and he's mad and guess who he comes after first!"

"I'm going to play two parts coming up - my twin sister Samantha returns and it will be fascinating and exciting. I've never played two parts before, my sister played Samantha last time. It has my heart pounding! It's not just playing two characters, but learning the dialogue for both characters."

(photo coming - she looks so fab!)


Some of Days of Our Lives biggest stars attended the NBC/Universal All Stars Press Tour party. They had plenty of interesting things to say about their characters and upcoming story.

Steve and Kayla Finally Talk About His Almost-Sex With Ava
For months, fans have been clamoring for Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to have a conversation about his nearly cheating on her with Ava (Tamara Braun). The show listened. Says Evans, ”[Monday] we finally have our big ‘come to it’ meeting. We have a chance to say what’s going on and in our hearts. It needed to be done.” According to Nichols, “It wasn’t planned. We went to the producers and asked them to speak to the writers. “ Evans elaborated. “For a married couple that’s been together as long as we have and has our kind of love, this would not go unaddressed. In the beginning it was dealt with so lightly anyway. That’s a pretty devastating thing. Hopefully, the scenes will air and everyone will like them.” Nichols feels, “There’s a tendency in soap operas when they write a story to go from Point A to Point B and then it’s over. But they don’t deal with the residual effects on the characters. “

Drake Hogestyn On John Black version 6.72
Drake Hogestyn (John Black) is enjoying snarky amnesiac John as much as the fans are. “Playing him takes a lot of homework. The new John comes from an emotionally void place. He’s got twelve different characteristics that I base the character on. It’s nice to play someone who is emotionally void and can therefore say anything he wants. He has different diction, different mannerisms. The good thing about that is I have scenes coming up where the new John interacts with the old John. There is such a differentiation between the two. I’ve been working hard on it. I’m embracing it. There’s going to be a vehicle that will cause him to do a little bit of hallucinating. He will see Stefano as a ten year-old boy. He will see his father. When those two people can’t convince him of the error of his ways, he will turn around and run into his old self. He will have a battle of light and dark, good and evil. It will be very interesting. Right now the new John does not want to be compared to the old John. If Blondie [Marlena] can ever see him for who he is now, there’s a chance they can move forward. If not, they won’t. I want to stay New John. Just like all the other characters I’ve played in the course of 23 years, I go through a metamorphosis – the Pawn to John Black to Roman to Forrest Alamain. This one has more distinguishable features. He has a long way to climb to build his own emotional levels. He’s going to make mistakes. He’s only eight months old. I play it like a coal miner trapped in the ground. People are banging on pipes trying to hear if there’s a response. All of a sudden they think they hear something, but they don’t know for sure. That’s how this guy is. “

Deidre Hall Tackles A Double Role
Marlena (Deidre Hall) will be in trouble when Stefano decides to pay her back for putting him into a drug induced coma. (Wow, that’s the soapiest sentence ever!) According to Hall, “Stefano comes back and he’s pissed! He comes right after her. He’s going to do to her what she did to him. But in the midst of it, in her drugged state she sees her sister, Samantha. I’m going to play both parts. [Previously the role was played by Hall’s real life sister, Andrea.] I shoot it on Wednesday. We pulled some old tapes and I’m working with a coach.” Hall enjoys the Marlena’s interactions with the new John. “Drake is so funny as the character. I watch him in rehearsal and I can’t stop laughing.”

Alison Sweeney Juggles Two Full Time Jobs And A Pregnancy
Alison Sweeney’s character (Sami Brady) found out both of the men in her life cheated on her. According to Sweeney, Sami will survive the humiliation. “She’s down for the count. She had two men. Now she has zero. Sami can be knocked down, but she’s never out.” Sweeney also hosts NBC’s hit reality show The Biggest Loser. “It’s busy. But I love both shows. They both mean so much to me. I’m very lucky to be part of them.” In addition to her two jobs, Sweeney is also expecting her second child. “[Finding the energy] is not easy. I just take it one day at a time and take cat naps when I can.”

James Reynolds and Renee Jones Feel A Responsibility
Abe (James Reynolds) and Lexie (Renee Jones) have a very timely storyline. Their son, Theo, was recently diagnosed with autism. Both actors feel a responsibility to make the story as accurate as possible. Said Jones, ‘We’re working with Cure Autism Now to make sure the storyline is legit.” Reynolds says that Theo’s autism will affect Abe and Lexie’s marriage. “It will impact us the way it impacts people who are actually going through this. We’re holding a mirror up for a lot of people. “

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