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And considering how Julie has a tradition of meddling, I could see her getting her fingers into a slew of Horton personal pies. Another thing that hurts the Horton family aspect is the lack of a constant family through-line. On other long-running series with a strong core family, one of the chidren's subsequent families has always moved to the forefront while the other branches drift away. On ATWT, it was Bob and his family that became the focus while both Penny & Don faded away. On GL, Ed and his family stayed at the center (for the most part, barring the last few years) while Mike & Hillary fell by the wayside. On OLTL, Viki's brood became the key surviving Lord line in regards to family. Days, on the other hand, scattered. If Days had really planned accordingly, Bill should've been the logical patriarch successor as the only male Horton child with several children with Laura remaining as his wife. They had Mike & Jennifer (who were both central characters in the 1980s) with both Mike & Jenn having kids of their own. IMO, there were a lot of missed opportunities there. Mickey & Maggie could've done it, but they hardly even discuss their own children (adopted, foster, etc.). Doug & Julie could step up to the plate, but Hope is the only child they even mention (and she's really Julie's 1/2 sister). Now, if they did make D&J the new core mature couple, I think they'd really need to consider bringing David Banning back (as Julie's only child) with a family of his own (perhaps with old flame Valerie Grant who it was said he'd left town to attempt and reunite with). Considering Valerie's African-American (and dated Abe briefly at one point), David & Valerie's kids would be mixed-race which would put a rather interesting spin on the long-standing white-bread Hortons.
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