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Jul 21 2008, 03:38 PM
Jul 21 2008, 03:29 PM
Also, I saw where Deidre said she has never played a duel role... didn't she play Hattie? Perhaps she meant a duel role where both characters interacted. :shrug:
Tammy that's scary, lol, I was just coming in to post that idea. The Hattie episodes in 2004 were just Hattie with Marlena in a hospital bed at the end, and the 1992 Samantha vision in the pit was a sleeping Marlena hallucinating about Samantha. (I think there was some dialogue from Marlena then, but she was sleeping and there was no interaction.) I wonder if we're going to get to see Marlena and Samantha interacting. That'd be cool!
LMAO well that is the only way it makes any sense, because she has played duel roles. So perhaps we get Marlena / Sam "interaction". Should be interesting, providing that it is written well Posted Image
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