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The reality is that ratings have dropped.
Is it solely because of Java? No.
Nor is it solely because of Patch and Kayla not dealing with Ava.
No is it soley because Ejami were broken up because of Lucas.
Nor is it solely because Bope are geening the Pub.
Nor is it soley due to Phloe being reduced to friends with benefits.
Nor is it solely because some are disgusted with Stax and Dansea.

Combine these issues with people who have gotten pissed at these disruptions in s/l and tuned out you have your drop from 2.3 in February to 1.9 in July! Add to this the s/l's are all over the place in efforts to create "twists" where none are needed. NuJohn is involved in a dock war, bribery, killing someone, and a cheating. Max is in love wih his neice, finds his loser father, is a genius and needs to save his sister. Daniel is a genius doctor who is in love with an adolescent/sorority girl, had a fling with her grandmother, and needs to save half of salem from all sorts of ailments from Liver transplants to getting beat up in prison. This is ridiculous.

People who are Ejami fans who happen to also like nuJohn are not effecting ratings or even morale because they just happen to have found a new character of interest in a show they were already watching. But losing J&M fans who were tuning in for this J&M love story does because there is nothing there to get them to continue to watch while Ava shows up and then goes away. Payla fans are already pissed at Ava and they are not going to watch this crap whne there couple aren't on and they have to watch this hated person try to move in on someone elses husband.

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