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Jul 21 2008, 01:14 AM
Jul 20 2008, 06:57 PM
Jul 19 2008, 01:40 AM
Ok...going back a little bit to Joe's chat...

I would hate it if they reversed what they corrected last year and made Tony Stefano's son. That sounds like something Joe and maybe even Thaoo pushed for because it does open up story possibilities. I hate it. I hated it when JER did and I would hate it now. The rest of his chat sounded promising though.

As for Bart, I figured Corday may feel bad because they brought Steve Blackwood back and killed him off soon after without telling him beforehand but it's a waste. Hell, as much as I enjoy Rolf as a butler, he's a waste. Why carry around useless characters? There is just no need to bring Steve Blackwood back. I like him and wish him well but I feel it's pointless.
Thaao and Joe did not push for it. It was the show's idea. Yes I do know that for a fact.
Ok. Glad you posted and informed us. I just tossed it out there as a theory because they enjoy working together and Thaoo always commented positively about the relationship between Stefano and Tony when he was playing Andre acting like Tony. He always said it brought out the "humanity" in Tony/Andre so I thought maybe Joe and/or Thaoo pushed for it because it was said in SOD that Joe was going to be working with Dena and Ken on stories for the Stefano character. It was just a though.
The show was kicking around Tony being Stefano's son late last year, so that was pre-Dena I guess. Thaao told me that on the phone late Nov. That's the only spoiler he gave me that didn't come true immediately. He knew what was going on with the Christmas eppies, but besides the Tony/Stefano thing, he had no clue what his 2008 storyline was going to be. He just knew he was getting one.

I even mentioned how cool it would be to bring back Anna DiMera Designs. He didn't even know his storyline was going to be business related. He was in the dark. So I doubt he had any say on the Tony/Stefano thing. Yeah, they love working together. This idea of a storyline was born late last year. Anyway, if anyone has a problem with the storyline, and I totally see why because of Tony/Renee, but don't blame the actors! lol If Joe has input now, that's wonderful. I'm sure it'll be better than the crap they gave him last year.
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