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The Steve and Kayla scenes saved today for me. They were well acted and well-done. Yes, it was too little too late but SN and MBE rocked it. I also like how they set it up with Sami bringing Ava to the building. It makes sense that would bring all the horror of that time back for Kayla. Loved it. Great scenes. Loved seeing Maggie and Caroline too and I also liked seeing that nurse. She plays Haleh on ER . Love her. I also like how they have people being pissed off at Sami again. I was LMAO when Steve and Kayla got pissed at her. I had no problem with her doing it. John pushed her into it and she did it.

John and Ava was hot at the end. Loved their scenes and the early scenes with Marlena, John, and Sami. The Marlena/Roman stuff was a waste. Same shit we got last Thursday. It only got good at the end when she mentioned John.

I enjoyed the little Sami/Chloe scene and Lucas/Chloe was ok. I appreciate the fact that they are keeping with it and not making it just sex.

All in all, it was a slow episode with some decent moments but Steve and Kayla definitely kept it from being completely a waste. Tomorrow looks alot better with more movement.
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