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Just watched... a few observations -

Steve & Kayla scenes - excellent. Great performances by SN and MBE. The dialogue was a little lacking, but their performances made up for it. I like how MBE started out as tired and teary-eyed over the baby, and then she transitioned that into getting emotional about Ava. (But I did think the whole situation was very contrived, with Ava coming to look at the apartment like that.) And it goes without saying that it shouldn't have been necessary for the actors to request scenes like that. Higley is really incompetent.

J&M - I liked the moment when John told Sami that she shouldn't think that Ava is coming between J&M, because there's nothing going on between J&M. The reason I liked it was because I thought Drake played it very emotionally - I think his eyes teared up. Drake (and Deidre) seem to be playing this story with J&M undertones despite the writing, and I give them credit for that.

Marlena/Roman - hated the writing on all levels, and I am not a Josh Taylor fan at all. His delivery is so flat and unemotional. I liked the idea that there was a scene about Marlena hiding her feelings and her disappointment, but I wish it would have been with anyone else. "Tell-me-the-truth-Doc" in a monotone just doesn't make the viewers emotionally engaged.
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