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Steve Frame
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I think GL and OLTL are the two biggest culprits.

AMC has forgotten the Tylers but the Martins and the Kanes who were a big part of the 70's are still there.

Y&R forgot their 70's except for Kay a long time ago, but I understood the reasoning to a degree when they had such a hard time holding on to the performers who played those key roles. There were just too many recasts to keep those characters around.

Days seems to think in a big way that Days history begins when the Brady's & DiMera's came along but at least they keep the Horton's around in numbers.

With GL and OLTL they have completely wiped out all of the key families before the 80's. The Bauers are only represented by Rick. On OLTL Vicki and Todd are the only ties to the Lords - even though their children are Lords too they deal more with their Buchanan history - and who were the first Buchanans to go - Kevin & Joey who weren't real Buchanans.

I agree with what you are saying Mason but I still think OLTL and GL edge out the others.
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