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It bothers me that they have this whole "Ava murdered Shawn" trial that can't be proven AT ALL with NO witnesses that happened overseas, but nothing is mentioned about her shooting Hope and kidnapping everyone?? Huh?

Today's show was pretty dull.

Surprisingly, I liked seeing Chloe and Lucas. I admit that I hated their sexavator romp, but it is nice to see both of them together being honest and sweet. Lucas and Chloe haven't gotten honest and sweet in awhile. And Chloe didn't grate on my nerves today...I guess that was reserved for Sami. Do you think the actors tire of saying the same damn thing over and over and over?

Isn't it funny that Higley is okay with Sami blaming Chloe for the 50th time for seducing Lucas, but we can't get Steve and Kayla talking about Ava without the actors pushing for it? Huh?

I know that everyone loved Steve/Kayla's talk, but I kind of rolled my eyes at the end. Steve pours his heart out, gives all the explanations necessary, professes his love for her - excellent job by Stephen - and Kayla responds with "I thought we had something special". I just wanted to yell "didn't you hear a thing he said?". However, I understand that Kayla is an emotional wreck right now with the baby so I will let it slide. Great performances by those two though! I thought the dialogue was poor.
Good to see that nurse from ER!
Loved that Kayla/Steve fussed at Sami. It was a poor set up though. Why would Sami go see them knowing that Ava was there???

John/Ava was cute. I like them together. Marlena is driving me nuts with the damn disk! Can we drop the disk already? Let it go, Blondie!
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