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Jul 21 2008, 10:45 PM
Jul 21 2008, 10:29 PM
I know that everyone loved Steve/Kayla's talk, but I kind of rolled my eyes at the end. Steve pours his heart out, gives all the explanations necessary, professes his love for her - excellent job by Stephen - and Kayla responds with "I thought we had something special". I just wanted to yell "didn't you hear a thing he said?". However, I understand that Kayla is an emotional wreck right now with the baby so I will let it slide.
The way I understood it, that was kinda the whole point. What Steve did was too much to just brush away with a conversation. Their talk helped, and it was a step in the right direction, but Kayla's really still hurting and will need time to heal.
I think you are exactly right, Ellie. It's very helpful (and was very necessary) for Steve to explain what he was really thinking when all of that was happening, but Kayla understanding logically what he is saying is different from Kayla understanding it and accepting it emotionally. It's different than getting that picture out of her head. It's different than looking at their son and thinking of everything that happened to them over the last few months. I like that it wasn't all just fixed at the end. I'm not expecting any more direct conversations about it, but I imagine SN and MBE will continue to play it subtextually as much as possible.

And I still find it sad and ridiculous that it took the actors and fans lobbying for this fallout for it to finally be included.
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