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Not that Corday would not lie but outside of not allowing Hogan free access to some of the vets, supposedly Corday let Hogan tell the stories he wanted for the first six months on the job except for a few pre-determined dictations. The network inteferred a little - for example, they made Hogan drag out Tinda Lau a few more weeks so it could climax during sweeps (why in the world I don't know because it's not like it was a ratings draw or a hit with fans).

I have the feeling that Higley was allowed to tell her stories since she started headwriting too except for a few dictations from Corday/Scott. I think the dictations are stuff like who the couples are that should be written for like Stax, Jarlena, EJami, etc...

I think that is the problem is that the writers don't want to be told who to pair up or to write for and then half ass it and it shows on screen. Instead of punishing the fans, these people should just quit and spare the fans the misery. If you don't want to write with constraints then go be a novelist - don't write for TV because with millions of dollars involved it's a given there will be a ton of people trying to stick their finger in the pie and have their say.

Soap headwriting is tough but people have been doing it successfully for years with all the same constraints. Budgeting, contracts, networks, executive producers, actor schedules - none of this is new. If you can't handle it - DON'T TAKE THE JOB!!!
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