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"People really just assumed that people knew what a soap was and why they should watch, and the habit of watching a soap would be passed down from mother to daughter," said Brian Frons, president-daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group. "We know from our research that that's just not true any more."

That's because you and the rest of those youth-obsessed Madison Avenue drones have kowtowed to the sacred illusion of the 18-49 demographic for the last decade! The sad truth no one in television wants to admit is that while the idea of grouping together people based on age, gender, race, etc. is easy to do, it leads those in charge to some dangerous conclusions.

Namely, 1) that all people of a certain group enjoy watching the same thing or the same characters, 2) that people can only relate to characters found in the same demographic, 3) that younger generations are better because they have more income, despite the fact that every dollar they accumulate usually comes from mommy and daddy and the "Boomer" generation is the richest in history, and 4) that younger demographics are better and should be catered to instead of trying to put out a multi-generational/racial show to try to appeal to a broader group of people. When you obsessed over youth, you began to chip away at the older demos watching the show. And these people are the last ones to leave their stories and surely the last to ever come back. Therefore, when you eliminate the older generation, the younger generation has no exposure from family members. And we can take a look at the demos at how many of them are finding the show on their own. Answer: Not many.

Because when you attempt to cater to one particular group, you find out inevitably that there are very few of the ones you really want and many more of the ones you are letting slip through your fingers because of some ageist/racist/gender discriminatory prejudices. Take a look at our demos soap execs. They aren't good no matter how sexed up and youth obsessed you've gotten. Obviously, you can catch more fish with a bigger net.

Put on a good show dammit! Is it truly that difficult? Then WAIT and let the audience come.
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