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Jul 22 2008, 01:09 AM
The OJ trial wasn't why soap ratings declined IMO. It had to do with a combination of more and more women in the workforce (yeah women had been working a lot since the 60s, but the 90s is when the stay at home mothers of Baby Boomers really started dying off in large numbers) and the rise of cable and Internet popularity as another option for people home during the day to occupy their time.
I totally agree with that too, but the OJ trial really kicked the downward trend into high gear. But it's not surprising to hear that these days Law & Order reruns on cable get better ratings than soaps. It's just a whole different atmosphere these days. And what's a sweeter deal for the networks? Paying for reruns that get high numbers or original programming with a huge overpaid cast, writers, directors, crew, etc? . . . And for ratings that are the same or worse than the reruns?
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