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If the fallout discussion had occurred right after the end of the ViMansion part of the storyline, I'd agree that more anger would have been appropriate. But, because it is 3 months later, I think a sudden burst of pure anger would have felt off. It makes more sense to me that Kayla's initial anger would have subsided during the course of all of the Joe stuff, but her hurt is still there.

That said, I thought Kayla did show a fair amount of anger. If you only saw the scenes posted on Prevuze, you didn't see the anger she showed towards Ava and Sami when she found out that Sami was showing her apartment to Ava. But, even within the conversation with Steve, I thought her anger came through at the beginning and again when she asked him why he couldn't have told her the truth about Ava from the beginning. Overall, I thought the anger and the hurt were pretty well balanced and very in-character.

I do agree that Kayla's been written far too weak since their return and I really, really hate that. But, the writing has failed pretty much every character repeatedly.
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