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Jul 22 2008, 11:30 AM
Jul 21 2008, 10:12 PM
Also, must I say that Higley's writing here seems way more fanfic-ish than any sort of competent drama. Reilly had this problem too. It's like nerds writing for Star Wars, Star Trek or Battlestar Gallactica.. but instead of Sci Fi being their medium of choice, it's daytime. They both add their stupid shit that shouldn't be on Daytime (witches, hallucinating robopeople) and they don't have the talent required to make it come off well in the context it's being played.

Drake talking about the storyline just makes me wonder if Higley was in a writer's meeting all "well get this lol we'll have nujohn see his brother and himself in the mirror or some hallucination and they won't be able to sway him from being bad but then he'll see his OLD self and they'll talk and lol this is gonna be great.. THIS will be his breakthrough!" And with everyone rolling their eyes, but not wanting to speak up for fear of getting fired.

With the way they're currently going, rather than the way I wish they had gone (different Ava casted, with John/Ava getting together longterm, Marlena versus Ava, and Stefano jumping in later on, leading to Marlena and John getting closer through the feud), in the current context the thing that should be John's awakening should be Stefano's hatred for Marlena and John's desire to keep her safe. That should be something of a bonding for him. She can't currently accept him the way he is, but he starts growing closer to her due in part to his feud with Stefano.

And bringing back Samantha is just stupid. Is it going to be a real-to-life Samantha's sister, or Marlena becoming Sybil or just more hallucination bullshit? It strikes me that Dena might have seen Heroes and thought that the whole Nikki/Jessica thing was such great, dramatic storytelling (it wasn't) that it needed to be brought onto Days.
What gets me is that Samatha was killed 20+ years ago so how can they explain a 60 year old playing a woman in her late 30's?
Thanks, FanODays, I was just thinking the same thing.
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