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Jul 22 2008, 02:06 PM
Jul 22 2008, 01:36 PM
There is no "maybe she's Melanie's mother." You know she's going to turn out to be Melanie's mother. YOu could figure that out the first time Nicole and Trent had scenes together, and then in the very next scene, Max finds a picture of Trent's daughter. Hmm... Dena Higley isn't a fan of subtlety is she? LOL!
I donīt think itīs so clear for a general viewer. This whole rumour began here because weīve had the chance to read some important scenes revealing the Melanie character months before she was even cast. Yes, there was some foreshadowing on the show as it should be. DAYS always uses editing as a way to focus viewers attention in the right way. But nothing too heavy.

I really think some people are automatically picking apart everything, just because Dena Highley is signed under it. "Trent/Nicole are still married? Oh, what a stupid secret, it should be something bigger. Nicol and Trent had a daughter? Oh, what a let down, we all knew for months what the secret is."

I agree. Those that read spoilers, especially the ones here on DR, are more in the know. That is the problem with soaps today. They spoil everything. I miss the days when you got vague spoilers. Just enough to get you to tune in. Now you have EP's telling people who the rooting couple is, thereby spoiling story (of course that is fanbase-driven). You shouldn't have to give us everything that is going to happen in order to sell fans on a story. Unfortunately, all soaps do that now with the rare exception and that hurts more then anything.

I do think this Nicole/Trent thing is about more then the marriage. That isn't very surprising but I think the shocking part will be if Melanie is Nicole's and how all that came about and so on. If we don't get something more, then I will agree it's a letdown. However, I'm pretty sure there is more to it as Nicole is the one character who Higley seems to get. She seems to love writing for her so I do think we will see alot more to this. Perhaps the marriage angle is the whole reason why Nicole even returned to Salem. She never did explain why but she came back hell-bent on taking Victor for all he had right away. She kept pushing for the issue to get resolved. Perhaps she learned Trent was in Salem and returned to get what she could from Victor before it was revealed. Make sense if you think about it.

I disagree that the marriage angle should've been revealed right away. I feel that is big enough to hold on to for awhile. Revealing that now allows for the show to build up to an even bigger secret, which could be concerning Melanie.

I won't even continue the whole Dena Higley argument. I will just agree and add yet another fantastic quote from our own jane1978 to my sig. I'm no Higley fan by any means and I would rather she is gone too but I do think some things are being picked apart unfairly but to each their own.
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