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I thought today's show was a little dull too, but for some reason, Shawn Christian was HOT! I just noticed him today!

And that annoys me because they are wasting his total gorgeousness on baby Chelsea...who just sits there and oogles him and says "totally cool" and acts like this teenager. Ugh! If they would just make her a little more mature I could buy it, but when she smiles and tilts her head and talks to him, she looks like a little kid.
Now, Daniel and Kate spark! The way he looks at her, and Kate is such a vixen...they just look good together.

Phillip and Morgan...take 12,958! Can they say the exact same thing over again??!?! Sigh!
In the Bo/Daniel scene....I just stared at Daniel. Yummy.

Caroline looked great. Her hair was pretty. Kate had on a beautiful, sparkly top.
That was pretty much all I got out of the show!
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