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Well Alligato, I have to disagree with you as while you were staring at Daniel in the Bo/Daniel scene, I kept hoping Bo would take out his gun and shoot Dan. However, it's amazing how more interesting I find Daniel opposite Kate. I watched the Chan junk through gritted teeth today (Chelsea talking of her infertility, Daniel lecturing to her about her granddad, and how she quickly skated over calling him her boyfriend) but IMO what little Dan/Kate said in their short scenes was far more entertaining then the earlier Daniel scenes with Chelsea.

I'm not getting the point of the Stax scene. Yes, Stephanie has overcome her rape. She should have used the mace on the guy instead of threatening too.

I wish they could figure out what to do with Morgan. Why have her go to Philip? Why not let her go see Chelsea or maybe have her try to move on with her life...let her look for a job and run into Philip and then she gets the phone call.

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