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Too much drama. But thatís my life. Right?

First of all, Daniel. Me and Daniel, I suppose I should say. And our "relationship." I guess we do have one, despite what my dad would like. He thinks Daniel is "too experienced" for me. What he doesn't mention is that he was more "experienced" than Hope when they got together. He'd really prefer to forget that. I mean, I guess I can't really blame him. I'm his little girl. Whatever. I still don't think he should judge. But I really didn't want him to know about me and Daniel dating because I knew he would freak out. Hope even agreed with me about that. But still he found out, and this all happened around the Fourth. He seems to be dealing reasonably well. The really weird thing, however, is that when my Grandma Kate saw me kissing Daniel, she fainted. Literally. Still haven't figured that one out and she's not talking.

Then there's Nick. I'd like us to be friends, but he isn't interested. I mean, grow up already. I guess I should cut him some slack, but I can't believe he didn't see this coming and I really think he needs to get over himself. If he broke up with me, I'd still be friends with him. At least, I think I would. I would. Girls are just more mature than boys about a lot of things, and I think this is one of them.

And speaking of friends, my girl Morgan is really having a tough time. It feels like everyone sort of is right now. But, anyway, Morgan's father is missing. She's really scared he's dead. I think we all are. And I know what that feels like, to just suddenly lose your father. So, I'm really scared for her. I really, really hope they find him. And that he doesn't get in any trouble with the law. And now Max is off on this wild goose chase looking for his sister, and Stephanie ran after him. Who knows what's going to happen with them.

Anyway, fingers crossed that things go well for me and Daniel. Cause I think I'm really falling for him.



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