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He thinks Daniel is "too experienced" for me.

Well yes, Chelsea, now that he's had sex with your grandmother, he is.

Then there's Nick. I'd like us to be friends, but he isn't interested. I mean, grow up already. I guess I should cut him some slack, but I can't believe he didn't see this coming and I really think he needs to get over himself. If he broke up with me, I'd still be friends with him. At least, I think I would. I would. Girls are just more mature than boys about a lot of things, and I think this is one of them.

Wow, whoever wrote this up really captured what an annoying, selfish, brat Chelsea is. NICK should grow up? Are these people for real? If the tables were turned Chelsea would've snapped. If anyone needs to get over themselves it's her and Dr. McSurfsalot, saying she'd handle it better is just proof of that.

Geez, If this was suppose to put Chelsea in a better light, it failed.
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