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^It's not, Mason.

I think what Jane is saying and what I agreed with is that a fair amount of people just hate Higley and that is fine. If you hate a writer, it's very unusual and difficult for one to say anything positive about them and that is the point that is being acknowledged.

The one thing I will say is that I noticed you have pointed out positives of late so I do think you are being fair. A few weeks ago, I wasn't so sure because it seemed like even if the show did something right you wouldn't acknowledge it but you have acknowledged positives as well as negatives so I will apologize for making an inaccurate judgment about you and giving you a hard time before.

I think pretty much everyone on this board is being fair right now in their perspective. I may not always agree but I at least see everyone's points, whereas some other boards have people that are doing exactly what Jane mentioned and not just because they dislike Higley but because their favorite couple isn't together.
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