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Jul 22 2008, 07:56 PM
A while back, when Nick first was introduced, they did that Lonely Splicer story and Chelsea's username was something about an Angel (I don't think it was Angry Angel). Anyway, for promotion, they created sites at Myspace for both Nick and Chelsea and viewers could follow along online to read what was being said. After the story was over, they seemed to forget about her account.

Until last summer when she started dating Nick the first time. Anyway, once about every quarter they would update it and feature it on the Sony's Days site. I really thought when the show chose to move Chelsea into a more "mature" relationship, they would retire this blog...but they haven't.

They must have just updated this today cause I was at Sony last night and the link wasn't there.

Yep, just found the link on Sony:


I personally can't stand these 'real but fiction' things. (Overall, not just Chelsea). I can see that they're trying to draw in the 'MySpacers' with this, but the comments (mostly from last spring) indicate that people think they're talking to Rachel Melvin - who already has a blog, lol.
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