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Jul 22 2008, 09:47 PM
Jul 22 2008, 09:37 PM
Jul 22 2008, 09:23 PM
True, I hate Higley - as a writer. But I hate her because her writing sucks. I don't automatically dislike her writing because I hate her, which is what I feel is being implied here.
I know you don't hate her personally. You hate her style and what she does. That's fine.

On other boards, I've noticed the opposite. People are coming off like they hate her, personally. They are also panning her writing just because a certain couple isn't together. That is unfair IMO. If you just dislike her writing and what she brings to the table, that is fine.

I just appreciate the fact that even those that hate her writing point out the positives when there are some. This is honestly the only board that does that. A few weeks ago, I wasn't sure that was the case but I am now.
I'm gonna chime in here:

I understand and appreciate what you are saying Phoenix and I love the fact that you always see the positives. However, Days is almost as bad as it was during the infamous Stan era. For me, it's not even about EJ and Sami not being together because at this point I just want Sami as far away from Salem AND EJ as humanly possible. Dena has just made Days into one big potpourri of by-product. I'm one of those, like you, that does not FF and I actually sit and watch this shiteousness. However, the sands are running out for the lining of my esophagus.
Pearly, I'm sorry your not finding much enjoyment in it. Hopefully, you will at some point.

I get what your saying. I see the flaws too. I just don't point them out as much because others do for me LOL.

I know I'm in the minority in that I feel the show has turned somewhat of a corner this month. Hopefully, some upcoming stuff will make those that are watching and are unhappy with the show happy.
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