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Today wasn't as interesting as I thought but it still wasn't too bad.

Stax was bad but I did like Stephanie recalling her rape when the guy was in the room. Made sense and I like how she defended herself. Shows how strong she has become.

It's such a delight seeing Caroline on so much. Loved her scenes at Bope's house and I did like Daniel getting on Bo about his health and Victor's and the tension between Daniel and Bo and Caroline chastising him was pretty fun. Chelsea was annoying as hell. I did like her little moment with Ciara. The Daniel/Kate scenes on the roof rocked. Loads of chemistry. You can tell they have a connection.

Kate/Philip was good too. I like that Kate has been brought into the story and that she is involved with someone other then Lucas. She seems to approve of Philip and Morgan together so that has to be a first LOL. Liked the end cliffhanger with Paul's jacket being found and word spreading of a break in the case. Good buildup.

Abe/Lexie was nice too but the story still sucks. It all feels like it's being taken off the internet word for word. I did like them mentioning how they can't afford therapy and the way you can tell there is tension in their relationship. It's sad but the relationship tension is the best part of the story.

All in all, not too bad but it's been a slow start to the week but things should pick up the rest of the week. It seems like this will be the opposite of last week, which started well and ended slow.

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