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Daily spoilers

Monday, August 4th
E.J. tells Ava there's a new judge on her case who can't be bribed; Hope is upset Bo risked his reputation and career to help Philip; Philip tells Morgan he had a dream that she was falling in love with him; Max tells Melanie he is her older brother.

Tuesday, August 5th
Stefano secretly wakes up from his coma and vows to get revenge; John is upset that Ava left him; Hope talks to Philip about why he threatened Paul; Stephanie and Melanie do not get along; Melanie is arrested.

Wednesday, August 6th
Stefano continues to pretend he's unconscious; E.J. visits Stefano and is shocked when Stefano speaks to him; Kayla, Maggie, Julie and Chelsea help Hope prepare for a big night; a person in a ski mask enters Marlena's home.

Thursday, August 7th
Bo tells Hope he wants them to renew their wedding vows; E.J. and Tony realize Stefano has spoken to both of them in secret; Anna demands Tony tell Lexie the truth about Stefano; Marlena is confronted by a masked intruder.

Friday, August 8th
A reporter accuses Bo of suppressing evidence in the Hollingsworth case; Melanie is accused of stealing Tiffany's bracelet; Stefano tells Tony and E.J. he's going to get revenge on Marlena; Marlena tries to call for help, but is paralyzed.
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