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Sides for Dora:

(B) Marlena's office/reception/corr.

(Marlena enters her office to find a woman, Dora, (middle aged, nervous and high strung)

Attempting to pull herself together, wiping her eyes and blowing her nose with a tissue:

Marlena: Dora?

Dora: Who are you?

Marlena: I'm Dr Evans. I understand you were anxious to see me.

Dora: Your receptionist lied to me. She said you weren't coming in.

Marlena: She didn't lie. I'm not really supposed to be here. I'm on medical leave.

Dora: Oh. You all right?

Marlena: Yes, I think so.

Dora: Well, I'm not. My whole life is going to hell.

Marlena: Why don't you sit and we'll talk?

Dora: I hope you have some time cause this will take a while.

Marlena: First off, I have to ask if you've had any history of mental illness.

Dora: No, never.

Marlena: Are you currently on any medication?

Dora: I don't do drugs.

Marlena: I meant prescription medication. Are you being treated for depression?

Dora: If I would why would I be here? They told me you are the best. But just for the record, I'm not crazy.

Marlena: Being depressed is hardly considered crazy.

Dora: Look, doctor, I just need you to fix me.

Marlena: What seems to be the problem?

Dora: I'm scared.

Marlena: Of what?

Dora: Everything. My life is out of control and I'm not sure how much more I can take.

Marlena: Why is it out of control?

Dora: Everything's going wrong. My marriage, job, kids. My husband barely pays attention to me anymore. He's always working or out on that damn boat of his. And my boss is horrible, always putting pressure on me. There's no pleasing him no matter how hard I try.

Marlena: And your children?

Dora: Now that they're teenagers all they do is talk back, show me no respect at all. That's when they're even around. It seems they'd rather be with their friends, if you can imagine. And if all that weren't enough, my cleaning lady quit on me. Everyone's deserting me and I'm scared, Dr Evans. Scared I'll end up all alone. Sometimes it's so bad I feel almost....paralyzed. It's all I can do to get out of bed in the morning. I'm so afraid to face what the new day will bring. And whatever it is, I feel powerless to stop it.

(As Dora quietly weeps Marlena looks at her. )
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