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Sides for "Erin"

Philip: (Re: little girl) Who's your friend?

Chelsea: This is Erin. Her mommy is a little late picking her up, so.... we're gonna get some cool stickers over at the nurse's station. Erin loves those stickers, right, honey?

Chelsea: Erin, this is Philip.

Philip: Nice to meet you, Erin.

Chelsea: You want to say hello?

Erin: (says it like a statement) How are you.

Philip: I'm fine.

Erin: (not looking at him) I'm fine.

Chelsea: Erin, can you look at Philip when you talk to him?

(Erin turns her head toward Philip, not making eye contact. Chelsea praises her nonetheless.)

Chelsea: Yeah, that's it. Feels so good when you look into my eyes.

(Chelsea hugs Erin, simply)

Chelsea cont: That's because I love you. (breaks the hug) Okay, let's get those stickers.

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