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Source: SOW

Nicole confesses her big secret to EJ this week: Trent is her husband. Arianne Zucker discusses the surprise story turn and its implications.

SOW: The week begins with Trent catching Nicole with EJ again and reminding her he has something on her. Does Nicole cower?

AZ: Totally. It's like when you go to your parent's house and revert to that kid again. She wants to stand up to him and does at times, but then she regresses, Trent has that power over her.

SOW: Trent tells Nicole he knows Max is in France and wants her to find out why. Does she?

AZ: Nicole is reluctant. "Screw you. Do you own dirty work! I've done enough." Nicole tries, but she's not a big help.

SOW: Ultimately, Nicole decides to tell EJ the truth about Trent. What prompts that?

AZ: The trauma with Philip getting shot and Lucas getting beat up in prison. Nicole sees how much Chloe feels for both guys and tells her you never realize how much someone means to you until you are about to lose them. Nicole realizes she should take her own advice. So she goes to talk to the one person who won't judge her.

SOW: What does she say?

AZ: Nicole explains she met Trent when she was in college and fell for him. He manipulated her and she was vulnerable to it, because of "her porn past" with her father. They ended up getting married. Then, one day, Nicole packed her bags, left and didn't look back. She figured Trent would have divorced her on grounds of abandonment, but he never did. She didn't know they were still married.

SOW: What's EJ's reaction?

AZ: He's not shocked. He could tell there was something major going on between Nicole and Trent. EJ keeps cool.

SOW: Nicole's concerned about how this affects her divorce settlement from Victor, right?

AZ: Yes. Because it Nicole is married to Trent, her relationship with Victor is void. She's worried about keeping the settlement. EJ agrees to help her work things out. He can get Nicole out of this.

SOW: What's EJ's response when Nicole reveals Trent ordered her to stay away from him?

AZ: Part of him knew that. Nicole is finally being honest with him.

SOW: Could EJ and Nicole actually be together?

AZ: One would hope. Nicole is relieved she has someone on her side. Hopefully, she can get on with her life with EJ and have a life of love, instead of the life she's been living all these years - which has been all about money.

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