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John's scheme against Philip is revealed this week, when Paul turns up alive and well - as John's hostage.

"John had his men follow the Vitali goons and fish Paul out of the river, believing Paul was much more useful to him alive than dead," explains Drake Hogestyn (John). John's plan is to set Philip up for Paul's "murder."

"It all goes back to Philip and the games he was playing, angling for position on the docks," notes Hogestyn. "It got out of control when Paul became a traitor, took Philip's money, and started playing John and Philip against each other. Paul planted cocaine on John's ships, impounded his cargo and set fire to it."

John blames Philip for all of it. Meanwhile, the cops are closing in on John, believing he may have eliminated Paul, which worries Ava. "John tells Ava not to worry," says Hogestyn. "He's got an ace up his sleeve. He exposes that ace while leading Ava to a room downstairs in the mansion, opening the door and revealing Paul lying on a cot.

"Ava's taken aback," admits the actor. "Paul starts whining, he tells John he did everything he wanted him to do - he wrote those letters to Morgan, he made the tape of Philip threatening to kill him..." John points out that the incriminating tape has yet to surface, but Paul swears he put it in an envelope he sent to Morgan and says he wants to be let go.

"John has his first explosion," recounts Hogestyn. "He tells Paul he's damned lucky he's not dead and should be grateful John's men pulled him out of the river. John says Paul isn't going anywhere, because Philip can't be framed for his murder if he's still alive."

John whispers something to Ava, and she heads to the Java Cafe. "John wants her to send an e-mail to the Salem PD, noting there's another piece of evidence out there about Paul's disappearance and Philip's involvement in it," explains Hogestyn.

Hope and Roman receive the e-mail and trace it to a computer at Java. Hope heads there, watches surveillance video, sees Ava at a computer, and realizes she's a direct link to John. Then, she confronts Bo about the missing evidence, and he admits tampering with it to protect Philip. Meanwhile, John learns via a informant at the Cop Shop that Ava's e-mail has been received.

"John wants to expose the tape," sums up Hogestyn. "He wants Philip to pay for everything he's put him through. He wants to make his life miserable and bring him to his knees."

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