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Jul 24 2008, 08:26 AM
I really don't think that Drake is a J&M fan. Every opportunity he's gotten to have John paired with a new woman, he's been totally gung-ho for it. He was pushing Eileen Davidson to return when Y&R let her go last year. He seems really intrigued with John/Ava. And didn't he have a chat with JATE fans a few years back in which he told everyone to hope that Marlena stays dead forever?

Not to mention that he doesn't want to play John anymore -- he's all about "Jawn."

Everything that comes out of Drake's mouth tends to make him sound like a very, very anti-J&M guy.
Which is a little weird seeing as I have heard Drake talk about how much he loves working with Dee more than anyone ese over the years.

I agree to a certain extent,first I will not miss Tamara, not even a little,but I am not stupid I get what he means by needing conflict,but the conflict should NOT be with a chick who can pass as his daughter and John cheating on his wife AGAIN,I know soaps need conflict,but Ava should have been left to Steve and Kayla,thats it,not Jarlena,I get Drake gets some of his info from idiot producers and writers and other idiots who I will not name,I don't know if he knows how bad the ratings are,the truth is 95% of people I have talked to HATE John and Ava and if Higley were more creative she could have come up with something creative for Jarlena,a woman trying to come between them has been done before and gets old REALLY fast,it got old when Kristen was doing it,which thats all Ava is another crazy chick who thinks she'll ahve John when the truth is he will just end up back with his wife,''always has,always will'' to quote something Old John would say.I LOVE Drake and all,but surely he realizes that if the conflict annoys the sh** out of the supercouples fan base,this SL has been annoying me since April than the fanbase will turn away too and a fanbase of a supercouple is 10 times larger than fan of just a single person.
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