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As far as our characters go, right up until the last minute we were working on our interpretation of what we wanted out of scenes. We were fighting for what we thought was right, as actor's do

Well, it's that nice of you! I wish you'd fight for what is right for the pairing and fanbase that have fought for you for the last 20+ years!

There was momentum building. People around us would comment on it.

Oh I am sure they commented Drake, but I doubt they were saying what you wanted to hear!

He acknowledges that not all Days' fans embraced the pairing.

Thank you so much for acknowledging that. I can tell how torn you are about it.

"A lot of people are into the security of what a group of fans think. Just be a super-couple and that's it," muses Hogestyn.

And people wonder why I have such dislike for this actor.

But you have to have conflict. If you don't have conflict, and you don't bring something to the table every day that is interesting and provocative, the audience will turn the other way.

Hmm, well the audience has turned the other way, so... :shrug:
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