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Jul 24 2008, 12:29 PM
Jul 24 2008, 08:26 AM
I really don't think that Drake is a J&M fan. Every opportunity he's gotten to have John paired with a new woman, he's been totally gung-ho for it. He was pushing Eileen Davidson to return when Y&R let her go last year. He seems really intrigued with John/Ava. And didn't he have a chat with JATE fans a few years back in which he told everyone to hope that Marlena stays dead forever?

Not to mention that he doesn't want to play John anymore -- he's all about "Jawn."

Everything that comes out of Drake's mouth tends to make him sound like a very, very anti-J&M guy.
I don't really blame Drake for wanting something new. He's been in the same storyline with Marlena for decades now. He wants something fresh. Unforunately, DAYS is a supercouple based show so John and Marlena will always be connected somehow and involved in the same storyline. Now, if this were Y&R, it would be different.
I get that Drake wants something new and he is not the only actor who has felt this way. I think though that when an actor says things like this, they must be aware of the fanbase who wants their supercouples together no matter what and I think its fair to ask that. If it weren't for J&M, Drake would not be where he is today so that needs to be handled very carefully.
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