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Today's show was about as exciting as yesterday's, and I get annoyed on a few things.

First, Bo has no subtly. When he is angry, he acts like my 5 year old...grimacing, throwing his stuff, grimacing, especially when he sees Phorgan. Surprised Morgan doesn't pick up on that. And for some reason, it is everyone's business. Did it every occur to Marlena, Kayla, Hope, Steve, Roman, Abe etc. that he could just be having a bad day? Does it really need to be such a topic of conversation?

Then, it bothers me that Marlena and Steve have both been drugged and done some awful terrible things, but they are the biggest condemning people when it comes to Ava.

Also, I don't know how it works, but why does Ava telling people to stall the plane from taking off turn Ava into a murderer? Wouldn't that make Ava the accessory to murder and her cousin the actual murderer? Technically, she didn't do anything and it is her word against her cousins. But I don't know much about how this kind of stuff works.

I love when John smokes his cigars. I am still just noticing how hot Shawn Christian is. Chelsea still looks like a teenager, and Stax was a bit of a snoozer. Phillip and Morgan were the same. I enjoyed John/Ava scenes.

I look forward to tomorrow!
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