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Jul 24 2008, 08:45 AM
Jul 24 2008, 08:26 AM
I really don't think that Drake is a J&M fan. Every opportunity he's gotten to have John paired with a new woman, he's been totally gung-ho for it. He was pushing Eileen Davidson to return when Y&R let her go last year. He seems really intrigued with John/Ava. And didn't he have a chat with JATE fans a few years back in which he told everyone to hope that Marlena stays dead forever?

Not to mention that he doesn't want to play John anymore -- he's all about "Jawn."

Everything that comes out of Drake's mouth tends to make him sound like a very, very anti-J&M guy.
Kenny, I think you are exactly right.
Then you know what? Just come out and say it. Say that you think Marlena and John have run their course. You won't win any popularity awards with the fans, and you may be hated for a while, but it'd be such a breath of fresh air.

But it won't happen so Drake, news flash. The J&M audience has left the building. But they can return. For now, I'm interested in seeing John battle Jawn and Marlena going through this stuff with "Samantha". It's good story. J&M can be the end game, but it doesn't have to be RIGHT THIS INSTANT. That's something the fanbases have trouble grasping at times.
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