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Critical Mass: Days' Foursome Gets a Rise

Days of Our Lives brought sexy back t Salem when EJ, Nicole, Lucas and Chloe got lucky in elevators during a freak blackout.

The two couples took different paths to their respective trysts, but both scored big when they let go of their inhibitions. EJ and Nicole's chemistry has been peculating since he became her lawyer. Getting stuck in the elevator provided the perfect opportunity for them to open up to each other. Nicole allowed herself to be vulnerable when she admitted she was unsure about being with EJ because she didn't want to be used again. It was refreshing to see her softer side, and EJ's tenderness was the perfect set-up for the passionate sex that followed.

Meanwhile, Chloe's fear of entrapment put her in damsel-in-distress-mode, giving Lucas a chance to take charge and give her "distraction." They skipped the sweet dialogue: Lucas' complaints about Sami's crush on EJ and Chloe's disappointment over Philip's betrayal provided the coil spring board, as well as a feisty balance to EJ and Nicole's more romantic experience.

Inter cutting between the couples to show intimate details, like Nicole unzipping EJ's pants and Lucas pressing Chloe against the elevator wall, told us all we needed to know. The icing on the elevator shaft was Nicole chewing Sami out for being a hypocrite and blasting EJ for sleazing it up.

Kudos to Days for treating us to the lighter side of elevator sex - and not giving anyone the shaft.

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