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You hit it on the head with Chelsea's grinning. She grins alot with Dan, and maybe to some, that means she is just so in love with him...which I am sure she is, but I see it as being so teenage giddy.
Dan is a world renowned surgeon, so what does he see in her? Is he just attracted to her because she is, in his words, hot?
His statement that he would rather die than to hurt Chelsea, did he really mean that? Does that mean he is in love with her too? What about the grandma sex and the looks he keeps giving Kate?

I read a couple of the fanbase websites, and it seems that if you are "for" a couple, you will see what you want to see...no matter how bad it really looks. So weird. They should do studies on this kind of delusion.
I don't mean offense to anyone by that. It is just a weird perception of people we like, that'sallimsayin.
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