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Rick Hearst leaving GH will be a huge loss as will Steve Burton & Maurice Benard. But I'm glad that Burton & Benard may be leaving. If both leave, maybe, just maybe GH would quit having the mob be such a prominent part of the show.

I'm very glad that Rebecca Herbst stopped the Jason/Elizabeth pairing----the storyline almost ruined Elizabeth. I wouldn't be too surprised if she doesn't leave GH soon too (I'd love for her to move to ONE LIFE as a Nu-Kelly.)

I hope Catherine Hickland isn't gone for good as Lindsay. It's a shame. I think it was mistake to re-write the story of her killing Spencer as sane. She should've really been temporarily insane or plead self-defense and defense of Blair. If she's gone for good, I think AMC should hire Cat as a Nu-Liza Colby, she'd be awesome in the role and would be awesome paired with David Canary's Adam, and acting with her ex-husband and friend, Michael E. Knight(Tad).
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